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Love for Fostering is an independent fostering agency that specialises in the recruitment, training and support of foster carers. We endeavor to work in partnership with foster carers that strive to bring about change in children’s lives and will go above and beyond to support the team around the child to bring about change in our children’s lives.

Love for Fostering believes that every child should live in a loving, nurturing and supportive family that can provide stability, security, warmth and a safe environment in which they will be able to experience good outcomes that will equip them for independence and economic wellbeing.

We work closely with local authorities to promote and safeguard the best interests and welfare of the child. We will prepare, support and train our foster carers so they can provide high quality care for our children. If you decide to become a registered foster carer, rest assured you will not be on your own; you will have all the necessary support and training to make the fostering placement a success.



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There are a number of different types of fostering placements offered by Love for Fostering. While you are going through the process of becoming a foster carer, we will help and assist you in deciding the type of placement that would suit you best.

A child will be in your care for a short term because they are in care proceedings

When the plan for a child(ren) is permanence, the foster carer has agreed to care for

This is a specialist type of fostering whereby a parent and their child will reside in the

This is when a child needs to become looked after due to unforeseen circumstances and usually at

This is when a foster carer cares for a child that would usually reside in another household

This is when sibling groups are placed in one fostering household, in order to help keep the


Building relationships with all our customers and understanding their needs requires individual attention. Gaining foster carer's loyalty is one of our goals. The relationship that we have with our foster carers is paramount to the success of our fostering agency. Read some of their testimonials below:

The initial conversation with Love for Fostering has been informative and the team are very helpful.

- Hussain S.

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Members of the Love for Fostering team are committed to giving back to their local vibrant communities, as well as, communities around the world. The government has highlighted the need for businesses and individuals to donate to charities. Therefore, members of our team have volunteered their precious time by regularly donating their time and wealth to their cause. Some of the charities they have volunteered at are below: